Church History

History of Grace Church

The first Episcopal service in Waycross was conducted in 1881. For two years, the congregation met in homes of members. The present building site was purchased in 1884, the second church building in Waycross. The title “Grace Church” was selected.

Construction of the present building was begun in 1904, and the first service in the present Grace Church was on Easter Day, April 23, 1905. Grace church attained parish status in 1906. The parish hall was added in 1925. Memorial Hall, housing the present sacristy, an office and large upstairs classroom was completed in 1950.

Groundbreaking for major renovation and new additions was held May 9, 1990 with dedication of this new facility of February 9, 1992. The bell tower was completed November, 1999.

Two rectors of Grace Church, C.C.J. Carpenter and John Walthour, became bishops; and three communicants of the parish have been ordained into the priesthood.

Grace Episcopal Church is a parish of the Episcoapl Diocese of Georgia. For more than 100 years, Grace Church has been a sign of Christ, a visible symbol of prayer and worship in Waycross. For more than 100 years, people have come to grace Church to be spiritually nourished by God’s word and Sacrament, and to be empowered by His Holy Spirit for His ministry of servanthood and reconciliation.

May this always be so, as we seek God’s will in our lives and as we grow in His Grace. We welcome you to Grace Episcopal Church and invite you to worship with us.


Photo: Canon Frank Logue